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Hard Feelings

by Cyberattack

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QuestionMark Ivan is the real thing! You want to hear some serious stuff? … into serious tone? … with a lighthearted playful message? Then get yourself some Ivan and Cyberattack now! You’ll be wanting to give him a gift after you listen, so I suggest Tropicana non-acid OJ, it’s his favorite beverage of choice.
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Sure Thing 02:46
spoilers never bothered me you can tell me things if you know the ending please let me in on the mystery 'cause for the time being I need a little certainty so you and me are we a sure thing? 'cause I could use one now all I really need is a sure thing 'cause I keep running out used to like a nice surprise that was years ago I wasn't scared to fantasize but somewhere along the line I checked my horoscope one too many times
I still remember the headgear and the nosebleeds and the black eyes and the butterflies and I wish I could tell ya that I never for a minute had to call time-out and through it all I thought I was getting used to it I thought I knew what to do with it something far away, getting nearer closer every day, mirror mirror can you tell me why I'm always scared outta my mind but don't lemme fool ya for all I know Cus D'Amato is the wrong hero but my secret religion needs somebody for the stained glass and the holy cards and after all I’d settle for an ugly win just to know I learned something I thought that all I needed was a better chin got closer to the secret than I've ever been so why don't I believe it? after everything tell me why I'm always scared outta my mind
can’t explain the reason or the way being by you makes something inside me change and I can’t say what’s carried in my veins but I know the feeling now probably it all could just be me never really thought you just have to believe or that we could know what’s meant to be but I know the feeling now I never knew what it feels like until now never knew what I’m supposed to do anytime something seems too good to be true like hearing you say you feel it too but I know the feeling now I never knew what it feels like until now
so you think you're gonna take her away with your money and your cocaine keep thinking that her mind is gonna change but I know everything is OK she's gonna listen to her heart it's gonna tell her what to do she might need a little loving but she don't need you you want her to think that she's being used you want me to think it's over can't you see it doesn't matter what you do? buddy you don't even know her and you can't just creep up behind her yeah you can't understand that she's my girl she's my girl
kinda fun just wondering if you wonder anything didn’t think we were scared of calling jinx so next time that your mind starts wandering leave behind a little hint just a glimpse what our moment might have been too bad we were left off the LP somehow I know it’d be a fun summer at least almost enough for me so here we go I just wanna know are you the same, are we the same? don’t say no X, no O I only wanna know we are the same, we’ll be the same one day like you said, just take a breath wish I knew what you meant then again couldn’t we always be friends? that depends how much do you wanna bet all the wondering would end well what then? think I might miss the suspense just a guess that might be all we get whatever happens next don’t answer just yet unless the answer’s yes
sick and tired of picking out my clothing always trying not to try you know a part of me just keeps on hoping someday you could read my mind can't you tell? I need your help I could use some of your ESL I don't care what we talk about I just wanna hear you talk call me up, baby help me out cuz I just wanna talk so leave a message when you really love me gimme 1 I can replay it's like an angel hovering above me every time I hear you say "hey it's me nothing really thinking of you more and more lately"
Invincible 03:36
you know I always hate to cry but that's all right by now I couldn't if I tried still got these Xs in my eyes but I feel fine I feel just like this all the time invincible someday we're gonna be invincible easier than it seems what was I like when we first met? I forget but I bruised easily I bet I still had my baby teeth left just a guess, back then I couldn't hear it yet invincible you said you wanted to be invincible easier than it seems duck and weave in my sleep stopped remembering my dreams lost touch with all my enemies I think it's only you and me and now we're all grown up we just keep on acting tough but it's making us invincible
Autopilot 05:03
beat up, so what I'm just treating the cuts long as I don't think too much it's easy now got tough, guess what tough luck just ain't enough broke my heart giving a fuck but it's easy now sometimes I think that I like it but I don't keep flying on autopilot keep thinking I'm gonna fight it but I don't well son, how come no one knows you've become another jaded champion take a bow not young, still young don't know where it comes from don't even know if it's begun or if time ran out it's always almost over now


released May 15, 2020

Produced by Geoff Stanfield
Ivan Anderson: vocals, guitar, synthesizer, bass and drum programming
Jeff Manian: keyboards, synth, bass synth, background vocals
Jay Goodman: bass guitar
Rodney Flood: drums, background vocals
Recorded at Studio G, in Brooklyn, NYC
Engineer: Francisco Botero
Assistant engineer: Jack Counce
Mixed by Stanfield
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering
Album art: John Marty & Ivan
Vocal coach: Aubrey Johnson
Boxing coach: John Snow

All music and lyrics by Ivan, except:

“Fantasy Killer”
music by Ivan and Jeff
lyrics by Ivan

“Listen to Her Heart”
music and lyrics by Tom Petty


all rights reserved



Cyberattack New York, New York

Cyberattack is the performance name of the NYC-based musician and YouTuber Ivan Anderson.

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